Electronic one-phase multitariff energy meter СЭМ-1В

 Purpose and composition



The meter is designed for the commercial and technical counting of the active energy in one direction in the one-phase, one- or multi tariff operating conditions. With direct connection, as well as for using in the automated electric energy control and counting systems (АСКУЭ).


Technical specifications
Specifications Value
Rated current, A 5
Maximum current, A 60
Working voltage, V 220
Range of the power line frequency, Hz 50 ± 5%
(60 ± 5%)
Operating temperature range, °C -40 to +55
Power input, VA no more 4
Active power input in each voltage circuit, Watt, no more 0,3
Amount of tariffs 6 – 4 seasons, holidays, days-off
Exchange speed by the optical port, baud 1200
Self-diagnose of the meter, once a day 1
Creeping Absent
Service life, years 25
Intercontrol interval, years 16
Guarantee , years 3
Dimensions (mm), width x height x depth 120x190x65
Weight, no more, kg 1
The manufacturer guarantees that the meter meets the requirements of ТУ РА 16094782.2504-2000 and ГОСТ 30206-94, ГОСТ 30207-94 provided the strict following the operating, transportation, storage and mounting conditions specified in the specifications and the certificate.
The guarantee storage life – 12 months from the date of shipment.
The guarantee operating service life – 36 months from the date of putting into operation