Multyline flowmeter microprocessor complex ARMFLOW

 Purpose and composition

1.1. The flowmeter microprocessor complex “ARMFLOW” is intended for continuous automatic measurement and calculation of the charge and volume of the natural gas resulted in normal conditions, on standard narrowing devices (diaphragms) on one or two measuring pipelines GIP.


Technical spe cifications
Specifications Value
Reading of values of parameters from the intellectual gauge is carried out through serial port RS232C or RS485 under report BSAP of firm Bristol Babcock.
Parameters are transferred in a format from a floating comma under IEEE standartd
From the sensor the following information is read out:

  • pressure difference;
  • pressure;
  • the temperature measured by RTD;
  • an ambient temperature;
  • the diagnostic data.
The factor of compressibility of gas is calculated according to NX-19
A degree of protection of the case of electronic block IP65 on ГОСТ14254
Limits of an admitted relative error make ±0,5%
The complex provides an opportunity of information communication on serial port RS232
Dimensions the electronic block (mm), width x height x depth 220x150x90
Dimensions the sensor (mm), width x height x depth 200x100x60
Dimensions a power unit (mm), width x height x depth 200x150x150
Weight of a complex the electronic block, no more than (kg) 2
Weight of a complex the sensor, no more than (kg) 3
Weight of a complex a power unit, no more than (kg) 2
A power supply of a complex is carried out from the block of a uninterrupted feed with the built – in accumulator.
The manufacturer guarantees that the meter meets the requirements of ТУ РА 16094782.2477-2000 provided the strict following the operating, transportation, storage and mounting conditions specified in the specifications and the certificate.
The guarantee storage life – 12 months from the date of shipment.
The guarantee operating service life – 36 months from the date of putting into operation